University of Michigan Launches Diversity Plan

By Lillian Williams

The University of Michigan recently unveiled a $85 million five-year plan to make its campus more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

The plan comes after a year-long, grassroots planning process, and two key studies of the campus environment and its stakeholders.

Here are the plan’s three key goals:

  • Create a more inclusive campus environment. To reach that goal, staff and others will be trained in cultural awareness and inclusiveness skills.
  • Recruit, retain and develop a more diverse college community. The school plans to develop a pipeline of diverse undergraduate and graduate students, as well as improve its hiring and search processes.
  • Support and encourage diversity in teaching and scholarship. The school will launch programs to recruit and financially support faculty wuniversity-of-michiganho study diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

In underscoring the plan’s importance, University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel said, “To live up to our full potential as a university, everyone must have the opportunity to contribute and to benefit, and our community can be complete only when all members feel welcome.”

Read the entire Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategic plan here.


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