Do I really need to know about the social media “Blab” app?


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Snapshot of Blab livestream at BEA 2016 in Las Vegas

By Lillian Williams

At a recent BEA discussion on social media, I saw a demonstration of the Blab app.

Blab is a livestreaming, social media platform that permits up to four people to converse, in front of an audience.

It’s been described by Mashable as Periscope for a group of friends. Picture perhaps four friends (or business partners or educators or teenagers or whoever) in the same virtual room, with an eager audience.  Blab even allows the audience to write comments, as the four guests talk.  And, the whole action can be recorded.

No doubt, endless possibilities exist for this app!

On the day I saw the demonstration, ordinary citizens/activists were the Blab talkers. They described how this app and others allowed them to brand themselves, and their messages. The discussion  was led by media educator and artist Chetachi A. Egwu.

Separately, though, because the  technology landscape changes by the moment, Journalist’s Resource shares a reading list about media and tech issues, including the following sites and others:

“MediaShift: This newer site looks at the changing media landscape across many dimensions and tracks content from other outlets about new trends.”

“TechCrunch: Focused on the technology industry generally, this site often has the latest from Silicon Valley and beyond.”

“Re/code: Founded by well-respected tech journalists, this site does a lot of analysis of the latest digital trends.”
If you have favorite sites for technology and new media issues, please let us know. We’d like to hear from you!










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