9 buzzwords Teacher Must Know before Designing eLearning Courses

Just a quick hit-list of some trends in e-learning! See the link to the original post for the complete list.

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As you have decided to step on the eLearning way, you may want to learn some terms that you will hear in the World of Learning. Try to read, understand and remember nine things which are trends of modern eLearning.

  1. Social Learning

Social learning is learning that takes place through social interaction between peers. It occurs through social media and social networks. We have our own social network inside Unius Learning, that’s why you can use it successfully for your eLearning courses.

  1. Gamification

Karl Kapp, author of The Gamification, says it’s much more than just adding ‘rewards, points, and badges’ to processes to motivate people. It’s the instructional method. You can ask what “pieces” in games makes your students engaging such as interactivity, content, story.

  1. mLearning

Mobile learning decreases limitation of learning location with the mobility of general portable devices. But mobile learning is more than just using mobile devices…

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