State By State Online Education Stats


map of statesBy Lillian Williams

Need a profile of online course enrollment in the U.S., detailed by state and institution type?

This month the U.S. Department of Education released its most comprehensive data collection to date about distance education at colleges and universities in the U.S.

No big surprises in the survey, though it could serve as a useful baseline for tracking trends. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the main federal agency responsible for collecting education data, compiled this report.

As defined in the report, distance education “uses one or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor and to support regular and substantive interaction between students and the instructor synchronously or asynchronously.”

The survey shows the number of distance learners who study with institutions outside of their home states, as well as a breakdown by state and type of higher education institution. The data tables also show enrollment by undergraduate and graduate education levels.  Read the entire survey results here.

The report lists other handy references for studies concerning U.S. online education, including the following:

If you recommend other online education studies, we’d like to hear from you.  Leave your comments below.

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