Culture change at the NYT: A look at the Innovation Report

The Changing Newsroom blog made key points in its review of the recent New York Times Innovation Report. Among those points was the need to nurture a “culture of experimentation.”

FROM TCN: The Innovation Report gets it right when it says “experimentation is about adopting a rigorous, scientific method for proving new concepts and constantly tweaking them to be as successful as possible.” It is also dead on when it talks about pushing back against perfectionism and releasing new products quickly and then iterating as they learn from users.   Read more below.

Lillian Williams, author of E-Learning (A Digital Education Forum)

The Changing Newsroom

The relentless work of assembling the world’s best news report can also be a form of laziness, because it is work that is comfortable and familiar to us, that we know how to do. And it allows us to avoid the truly hard work and bigger questions about our present and our future: What shall we become? How must we change?” 

Resistance to change. It never ceases to amaze me how disruption prompts strikingly similar reactions across organizations and industries….change is constant, but human nature is far less mutable. In our research on newsrooms from the Christian Science Monitor to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to a smaller local daily and others, Jonathan Groves of Drury University and I heard almost exactly the same things the NYT Innovation Reportchronicled in its interviews with staff (although to be sure, our research participants could scarcely have even contemplated the resources at the…

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