Oprah Enters the E-Course Sphere !

Oprah Winfrey Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Oprah Winfrey
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


By Lillian Williams

When you think of Oprah, traditional TV show formats come to mind. Right?

The Queen of TV Talk, perched in a studio (or on location somewhere), interviewing her guests. We know the routine well.  One of my favorite Oprah shows, for example, featured a  Zimbabwe native who beat all odds to reach her dreams.  It was a classic Oprah moment.

Though the long-running Oprah Winfrey Show clicked off the light switch in 2011, Oprah continues her interviews on OWN, the entertainment TV channel.

But Oprah keeps reinventing her brand.  On Sunday, Oct. 20, Oprah will launch an online course. That’s right.

Oprah is now in the competitive e-course business.

The course is called “Oprah’s Lifeclass Presents Brene Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection.”  The course objective: “To help you move from who you think you’re supposed to be…and embrace who you are.”

Got it?  It’s Oprah’s motivational mantra wrapped up in e-course packaging.  The theme? You guessed it: Let’s work on our potential and purpose.

Says Oprah: “One of the things I’ve most wanted to offer you–our viewers, users, and fellow seekers–an  actual e-course designed with instructors and curriculum that can help you fulfill your own potential and your purpose.”

Brown, of course, is the popular TED Talk presenter and academic researcher who explains concepts of courage, authenticity, shame and vulnerability. Brown’s TED Talk has been viewed over 11 million times.

Brown designed the lesson plans and assignments. Oprah will share her own perspective each week in a video.

“It’s been a dream of Oprah’s to offer course work online for our viewers,” said Erik Logan, president of OWN and Harpo Studios in a press statement about the venture. “We are grateful to take that immersive, innovative next step with a thought leader like Brené Brown, who captured the attention of millions with her groundbreaking TED talk.”

If you’re wondering about costs, this is not a free MOOC (massive open online course).  The course fee is $69.99.

It’s your turn.  What do you think?  If you know someone who plans to take this course, we’d certainly like to hear feedback, as the course proceeds.

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