Views: Intersection of Journalism and Computer Science


Editor’s Note: Two journalism educators offer perspectives on the crossroad of data science and digital media. Their articles appear on the website of the Nieman Journalism Lab.

 Amy Schmitz Weiss of San Diego State jumpstarts the conversation in her piece:

“Conversations have been abuzz lately online and offline about the role of Big Data and data science in a variety of fields — from the pharmaceutical industry to the news industry. Data is all around us and it will only become more pervasive as digital technologies advance and our daily lives become centered on these two worlds. As educators, are we preparing our students to be able to manage these two worlds of data science and digital media together effectively and accurately?

Specifically, journalism and mass communication programs are at a fork in the road — they can either sit back and watch or take an active role in transforming how our students can enter a new, digital-savvy competitive workforce.

Are the students we are training in our classrooms ready to take on the workplace they enter in tomorrow? When we consider that two years ago, specific digital roles and responsibilities in the workplace that are common today, didn’t exist before — we are at a crucial moment where journalism and mass communication programs must be thinking 10 steps ahead of the rest.”

Read both articles here.

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