PBS NewsHour: The New Wave of Online Courses

By Lillian Williams

Imagine this: An online class with students from around the world. Among other features, the class offers short video lessons with pop-up quizzes. Students chat online with each other, anytime, day or night.

And, yes, there is homework.

Could this teaching/learning style be as effective as the traditional, face-to-face class?

In this Public Broadcasting Service video, Spencer Michels of PBS NewsHour offers an insightful exploration of a new wave in online learning.

For the latest survey on online education in the U.S.,  see an earlier post at this blog site. Highlights of the survey include:

  • Some 6.7 million U.S. students enrolled in at least one online course during fall, 2011, representing  a 570,000 increase of students over the previous year.
  • Of U.S. higher education students, 32 percent  take at least one course online.
  • While academic leaders are skeptical about a sustainable business model for MOOCs (massive open online courses), they do believe MOOCs provide an important way to learn more about teaching online.
  • Of the academic leaders surveyed, 77 percent view learning outcomes of online education as the same, or superior, to those in face-to-face courses.
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