Backpack TV: New Education Video Library

Nate Heagney of Backpack TV

This is a guest post by Nate  Heagney, a freshman at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tenn.  Nate is a graduate of St. Louis University High School.  He had the pleasure of helping to launch Backpack TV, a new online platform offering free educational videos.

By Nate Heagney

Backpack TV is a new online education video library focused on helping students quickly find videos that will help them succeed in school.

Backpack TV, which builds upon the success of  schools and teachers such as Khan AcademyPatrcick JMTBozeman Science and others, hosts thousands of the best online lessons for students who might need extra help school or are simply curious to learn something new.

Backpack TV was founded by Joe Wagner, who previously co-founded Stratford School in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the help of many high school and college interns, including this author, Backpack TV started in 2011 with the curating of videos. The website was launched in May 2012.

“The idea for Backpack TV is to provide students and teachers a convenient site where they can find excellent education videos from the best teachers and schools like Khan Academy, PatrickJMT, and Bozeman Science,” said Wagner. “Our goal is to make Backpack TV the destination for students looking for the highest quality and most organized education videos.”

As a college freshman and a Backpack TV intern, I find what sets Backpack TV apart is its detailed filtering and organizational system. The videos are categorized by subject, topic, school, teacher, and duration, which can help you spend less time looking for the right video and more time learning.

The videos were viewed and curated by over 40 college and high school interns. Last summer, I categorized U.S. History videos for the site after taking AP U.S. History during the school year.

Backpack TV is free and features some of the best-known educators online, such as Sal Khan and Patrick Jones. In addition, new features such as playlists and linking videos to textbook lessons are being introduced this summer in time for the new school year.

Again, take a look at our Backpack TV site. We’re excited about our product. Let us know what you think. Click the comment button below.

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One Response to Backpack TV: New Education Video Library

  1. jcwags says:

    Thanks E-Learning, and thanks Nate for the guest post. Much appreciated. Good luck at Vanderbilt, Nate.

    Joe Wagner
    Founder, Backpack TV

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