Online Learning Tools: Illinois School District Gets On Board

picture of an e-learning classroom

picture of an e-learning classroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Daily Herald: “By 2015, all 4,000 students who attend school in Carol Stream [Illinois] Elementary District 93 could have their own computer to use in the classroom.

The district is rolling out its so-called “1:1 learning initiative” that will put new iPads and MacBook Airs in the hands of students and teachers to use as learning and teaching tools.

Teachers will receive training on how to use the devices beginning this fall, and students in sixth grade and kindergarten will have use of the computers starting in January.

“You can put a textbook in front of a student and it may mean nothing, just like putting a computer in front of a student. It’s how do you utilize that resource to make the child a better learner,” Superintendent Bill Shields said. “It’s the idea of personalizing education for kids. Teaching isn’t something that takes place within four walls anymore.”

See Christopher Placek’s full article at the Daily Herald news site here.

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