Top Sites For Free E-Learning Courses

A bevy of reports highlight the thirst across the world for free e-learning materials, including courses and other resources.

If you are a teacher, student, or perhaps a researcher interested in the types of free courses and resources being offered, here are some handy references:

  • BostInno, a Boston-based group, suggests eight sites for information about free online courses.
  • has compiled a list of 50 sites offering free STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses online.
  • Poynter Institute runs Poynter.News University. This site offers a free English grammar tutorial, for example, and other educational resources. Journalists use this site.
  • Open Culture offers free cultural and educational media, including ebooks, movies, language lessons, audio books and more.

Be aware that free online courses do not offer credit toward a degree.  If you are seeking college credit, or some other credential, check with educators who can direct you to the appropriate course or program. If you are enrolled in high school, or college, make an appointment with your advisor for information about online courses.

It’s your turn.  What online educational resources do you recommend?

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One Response to Top Sites For Free E-Learning Courses

  1. mayamwins says:

    These are such great finds! Thank you for listing them all in one place. I haven’t really gone into online courses except at Coursera but I do allow my kids to pick up skills through online games like . If they can hook on to it they way they do other more mainstream games, it’s a win win right? My thinking was that that would help them later keep adding to their skill sets through e-learning. What do you think?

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