S.F. Math Professor’s Perspective: Online Ed Less Challenging

San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New York Times To The Editor:”Because of budget cuts, the math department where I teach moved from the traditional collecting of written homework and human grading to an online system.

But online homework has limited reach: students cannot show their steps. They can only show their final answers or pick among multiple choices. And the system shows only the answers, not the students’ mistakes. Many challenging problems that I would assign from the textbook are unavailable online.      

The claim that student performance improves with the use of technology is misleading: Performance will always seem to improve if you lower the standards. And what many of us observed is a serious deterioration of student learning. So, under pressure from the faculty, my department has moved partly back from the online homework system to the traditional one, despite the costs.”

Read the entire post of Jean-Pierre P. Langlois, a professor at San Francisco State University, here.

It’s your turn: Perhaps you have taken, or taught, an online course.  What is your perspective on the rigor of online courses?

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