Mastering Social Media Platforms

By Lillian Williams

These days we’ve all heard the messages warning us to beef up our social media profiles—especially if we represent a corporation, small business or nonprofit organization.

Without a doubt, many of us utilize Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms for personal communication.

But as employees or business owners, how do we engage these platforms for professional purposes?  Do we discover effective techniques by trial and error?  Exactly how should we proceed? Whether an established business, start-up venture, or freelancer of your craft, you need to effectively engage the audience.

At Columbia College Chicago where I teach, students, faculty, and the public are invited to seminars on these topics.  One such seminar covering advanced social media skills for journalists is being held this month in the school’s Journalism Department.  Another resource in Chicago, for example, is the nonprofit Community Media Workshop.  That organization offers communications coaching to individuals and nonprofit organizations.

If your personal schedule precludes face-to-face instruction, you might consider online instruction. The Internet offers a bevy of resources.

For example, Udemy, a website featuring online seminars, recently posted a new seminar—Introduction to Facebook Pages for Businesses and Organizations–which explains how to setup and manage a Facebook Page for a business or organization.  It’s free, at least for the time being.  The course will teach you how to edit, add content, create ads, and perform other functions on your Facebook page.

Whether face-to-face, online, or a hybrid, there are multiple opportunities these days to augment your social media skills for business and professional purposes.

Let us hear about opportunities in your area of expertise.

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