Resource: National Respository of (Free) Online Courses

By Lillian Williams

A list of free online courses is continually updated on the website of the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC).

NROC  is a non-profit, open educational resource. The goal is to provide access to good quality online courses from top institutions, all free of charge to a global audience. Courses target students in high school and beyond.

Most courses deal with general education subjects.  The site’s advanced courses include biology, calculus, environmental science, and physics.  Other courses range from psychology and religion, to statistics for social sciences.

NROC aggregates the free courses, and also provides links to sites, such as the HippoCampus site, where students take the courses. NROC does not offer course credit.

Listen at how this history teacher uses the site:

In browsing recommended history courses, for example, choices included Rise of Nation States; Origins of Slavery; Diversity; Bill of Rights; Native Americans and the New Republic; Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  

Other history courses are Growth of the West; Union Organizations; Origins of Progressivism; The Depression; McCarthyism; the Changing American Society.

Psychology courses deal with gender roles, temperament; sexuality and dating, and parenting styles, and a variety of memory issues.

In Spanish language, there are courses dealing with algebra and calculus.

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